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Complete Tarp Systems, Replacement System Parts, & Heavy Duty Tarps

US Tarp provides tarping systems for dump and refuse vehicles in various loads. US Tarp solutions cater to Construction & Landscape, Recycling & Refuse, Agriculture & Specialty vehicles, offering complete systems and replacement parts. US Tarp’s durable products reflect their commitment to efficient load containment solutions. Choose Widner Welding & Repair for your US Tarp tarping solutions and professional load containment services.

We specialize in providing custom tarp systems for both trucks and trailers. Our range of products includes tarps, as well as replacement motors.

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We Provide Complete Tarp Systems, Replacement Parts, And Heavy Duty Tarps At The Highest Quality.


Complete Tarp

US Tarp offers high-quality tarp systems for all your cargo needs. Our products are durable, reliable, and easy to install. Trust our tarp systems to protect your equipment and materials in harsh work environments.

Replacement & Cross Matches

Get professional-grade replacement tarp parts at US Tarp. Our comprehensive stock and expert team ensure timely delivery and top-notch service.

Trust us for your tarp system needs.

Heavy Duty

Our Heavy Duty Tarps are made with thicker thread and lined pockets for maximum strength and durability. Browse our product line for exceptional quality. Check out all of our Heavy Duty Tarps today!

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